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About Us

About UsWhat is the Southern Community & Faith-Based Network (SCFBN)? 

An association of Community and Faith-Based Organizations.  

SCFBN works to educate and empower organizational leadership, equipping them with knowledge and tools to better serve their communities and connecting them with the necessary resources to do so. The network utilizes technology solutions to educate leaders across the Southeast, disseminate information and encourage cross-sector collaboration.

What is the mission of the SCFBN?

To provide access, information, and resources to community and faith-based organizations 

What is the vision of the SCFBN?

Increased capacity and collaborative efforts that transcend political, economic and denominational differences. 

Is SCFBN membership limited to a particular denomination or area of the state?

No. SCFBN is open to all faith and community base organizations. 

This includes grassroots organizations, large NGOs, individual churches and faith communities, associations, denominational connections, and other community based entities that serve people residing in the southern region of the United States. 

Is there a charge for faith-based and community-based organizations to be listed in the network?